Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pedro and Laura

Millena and Wellington

Jelly Fish Lamp


Brazilian Samba Singers

Nelson do cavaquinho, D. Invoen Lara, Candeia, D. Clementina, Cartola, Paulinho da Viola, these formed the first significative generation of samba singers in Brazil. These models were ordered to be offered as a gift.

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Zeca Pagodinho

Zeca Pagodinho was made to complete the Samba Singer Collection. This is my favorite one.



The Little Endeless were created by Neil Gaiman, drawn by Jill Thompson, Destiny is one of de seven characters. I was inspired by Jill Thompson's drawings to make the model.

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Despair is another character created by Nel Gaiman, illustrated by Jill Thompson. Size model: 9

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Delirium is a character created by Neil Gaiman. Jill Thompson made the watercolor illustration and I did the model inspired in this. This character is my favorite in the Little Endless collection.

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I created this and five other characters for Motorola. They're named Idudes, the only existing 3D model is Groovy King, the 70s styled one.

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